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So you're of to University


To survive student life, you need to eat! And we’re not just talking about instant noodles and frozen pizza. Check what’s already provided in your accommodation, but you may need to buy plates, cutlery, and pots & pans. If there are any kitchen gadgets you like, such as your beloved coffee machine, take that as well. There’ll be enough new experiences going on during your first term, so make sure you have lots of home comforts with you.

Kitchenware collection
Bedroom Beautiful

Your quarters are where you get to have everything just as you like it, so go all out and make it the perfect space for you. Make it a comfortable, relaxing room where you can unwind after a long day of lectures and seminars. Make sure you bring some pictures and posters from your room at home too so you don’t feel a million miles away from what you’re used to.


You’ll be fending for yourself now, so you need to make sure you can get a healthy dose of fruit and veg in your diet. A very easy way to do this is with a Nutribullet! Just pop your favourites in each morning and give it a whizz – you can even take it along to lectures.

Kitchenware collection

Bedroom Beautiful
Bedroom Beautiful
Bedroom Beautiful

Duplicate on any bath time essentials you have at home, including towels and toiletries. This way you won’t be missing anything you normally use and don’t have to bring everything home every semester = less packing!

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